Well here it is, I finally decided to put some of my hacky, low-budget works in progress online for all to admire/ mock. If you're reading this, congratulations on beating the odds and somehow stumbling upon this treasure trove of bodgery.

Hacked Welder
A good example of a silly thing: moving the feed motor closer to the torch (instead of buying a spool gun) on a cheap MIG welder makes for some messy aluminium welding.

Basically I'm an engineering student who likes to build silly things and the point of this website/ blog thing is to document these projects so I'm not just carrying everything around in my head all of the time and to try and provide me with extra motivation to actually finish one. It also provides some nice reference of what not to do if anybody wants to try similar projects.

My current manufacturing capabilities are pretty limited, just enough to make me dangerous. I like to put many tig welders and lathes on my ebay watch list but then as they come to an end I remember I don't have the money or room for either of them. I've recently picked up a 1940s Sheldon 10" lathe which needs a bit of TLC. More info will be posted soon.
I also like to play with electronics but I've slowly burned through my components supply and not topped it up in a while. I really should get around to buying a load of jellybean components to play with.

Anyway, enough rambling. If I've somehow managed to grab you then look around!